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Alexander Robinson, founder at Justü Digital, shares his thoughts on the switch from Universal Analytics to GA 4 and what it means for business owners that are not as tech savvy.

Thanks again Alex for sharing your experience 🙂

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Clients have chosen SEAL for 3 main reasons:

  1. They want to see all their data. Not just 100% of their traffic, but also revenue, conversions, microconversions, events…
  2. They want to see that data per source, campaign, medium, term…
  3. They want a tool that will not give them headaches from a legal perspective.

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100% of all the good stuff (traffic, revenue, ROAS, conversions, per source/campaign/medium/…) by using these 5 variables:

1. Page Views: which we call ‘hits’. They are not connected to one another.

2. User agent: we don’t even save it, we simply read it from the pixel to get the Device and OS.

3. URL of the page viewed

4. Referral URL: it captures the url of the referrer site to assign a source ID.

5. Timestamp

With these 5 variables, SEAL is a cookieless web analytics tool that gives you the highest level of privacy

✓ No individual user tracking (ePrivacy compliant)
✓ All traffic is 100% anonymous + no personal data collected. (GDRP doesn’t apply)
✓ Both company and servers are located in the EU (Privacy Shield)
✓ Audited 2x/year (in 2021 it was 3)
✓ Every report generated is cleared with the legal team

and the data to make your decisions:

✓ Conversions/Revenue/Events per source, campaign, term
✓ Traffic
✓ Acquisition Report (image below)
✓ Time Evolution Report
✓ Funnel Report …and more.

See for yourself 👇👇👇

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