Tracking and Measure Offline Conversions in a Cookieless World

We are a Privacy-focused Web Analytics, for this reason, we are not going to create any kind of feature that can be contrarian to our philosophy. When we created SEAL and we had to create every single report, at the beginning, we had doubts about if we can track some KPI or other ones. But… Continue reading Tracking and Measure Offline Conversions in a Cookieless World

Shit happens

Today I have to make public apologies to the guys of We’ve started a Google Ads campaign, we bought his brand on Google. So when someone searched for “Plausible” , the user saw our Ad. We have followed the same strategy that our competitors are following with our other business. Buuuut… shit happens. 🙁… Continue reading Shit happens

Time Evolution Report

With Seal Metrics Time Evolution Report you’re going to see your stats per: Day Week Month And you’ll be able to filter by: Medium Source Campaign Even you’ll be able to compare two different time periods:

Acquisition report

What you’re going to see in the Seal Metrics Acquisition report: The most important part of this report is that you’ll be able to assign conversions to the Source, Medium, Campaign, and Term. We are the first one that has this feature online. We can do that being completely GDPR and CCPA and PECR compliant… Continue reading Acquisition report

Cookie Consent Table, when we must ask for tracking consent

In this table, you will find how to comply with the regulations according to the technology with which you analyze your data. GDPR ePrivacy Notes: Cookies Requires consent Requires consent Log Files Requires consent Requires consent IPs Requires consent Requires consent Even if they are deleted after 24 hours or almost in real time Hashed… Continue reading Cookie Consent Table, when we must ask for tracking consent

Cookieless Tracking

At SEAL we have developed a cookieless tracking solution that allows us to measure the main online business KPIs while respecting user privacy in 100%, which is why we comply with all privacy regulations globally. Our Cookieless system consists of measuring in an aggregated way all the traffic that a website receives. Therefore, we don’t… Continue reading Cookieless Tracking

How Cookieless World affects marketers

Regardless of the ethical part of privacy, we as marketers have to continue with our work. But a new concept of Marketing opens up: Sustainable Marketing. Sustainable Marketing consists of designing marketing campaigns: That respect the privacy of users, Efficient and profitable, Based on data and creativity. What would science be without art? So, they… Continue reading How Cookieless World affects marketers