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Why should you become a Privacy-first Agency?

#1 Client Trust

A privacy-specialized agency builds greater client trust. Customers feel their information is handled with care. This improves client relationships.

#2 Market Diferentiation

Specializing in privacy sets an agency apart in a crowded market. It attracts clients who value data security and privacy, providing a competitive edge.

#3 Regulatory Compliance

These agencies ensure compliance with privacy laws like GDPR or CCPA. This avoids legal penalties and shows a commitment to ethical business practices.

#4 Industry Leadership

Focusing on privacy positions agencies as industry leaders. They become known for innovation and thought leadership, attracting clients and top talent.

One of the Most Comprehensive Partner Programs in the Industry


Stay Ahead of Privacy Regulations

Receive timely updates and in-depth guidance on the latest privacy laws and compliance requirements. You’ll have the knowledge to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with confidence.


Become a Trusted Privacy Advisor

Position yourself as an authority on privacy-compliant marketing. Equip your team with the expertise to guide clients through the complexities of data protection and earn their trust as a strategic partner.


Grow Your Client Base

Attract new business by offering cutting-edge, privacy-focused marketing services powered by SealMetrics. Differentiate your agency and win more clients seeking privacy-first solutions.


Support & Training

We offer exclusive training on our product and industry best practices. This encompasses training sessions, educational materials, and dedicated technical support. Helping agencies understand and effectively use our product enhances their satisfaction and the likelihood of recommendations.


Marketing & Sales Materials

Partners receive customizable marketing materials, case studies, and product demos for their own sales and marketing initiatives. This includes logos, banners, email templates, and social media content.


Billingual Support

Understanding the importance of clear communication, we provide support in both English and Spanish. This ensures that all our partners, regardless of their primary language, receive the assistance they need in a timely and efficient manner.


Exclusive Access to Tools and Data

We provide agencies with access to advanced tools and analytics not available to the general public. This includes in-depth data analyses, customized reports, or early access to new features and technologies.


Feedback & Collaboration

We establish effective communication channels for partners to provide feedback and suggestions on our product. Involving partners in the development and improvement process helps create a stronger product and a more engaged community.


Network & Exclusive Events

We organize exclusive events for our partners, such as webinars, conferences, and networking meetings. This offers them opportunities to learn, share experiences, and build relationships within the community.

Brands are increasingly demanding that marketing and analytics agencies possess deep expertise in privacy regulations and best practices.

Privacy Champions: Enhancing Trust & Security

Digital Analytics Agency.

Country: Spain

Trained Members: 10


Performance Agency.

Country: Spain

Trained Members: 4