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About SEAL Metrics

SEAL Metrics is our new project, although it isn’t new for us. We started working with Cookieless technology in 2016!!!

We created a Cookieless Ad Fraud Detect Software based on digital fingerprinting. Our technology detected which device was clicking on our customers’ ads even when they deleted cookies, local/session storage,…. changed IPs… We caught them!!!!

When GDPR came into play a couple of years ago, our Legal Team explained that our “big problem is not the GDPR, it will be the ePrivacy Regulation”, but a couple of years ago, ePrivacy Regulation was barely being created. It was clear at that stage how much it would affect marketers and their campaigns. So, we decided to keep working with cookies until we have clear information about ePrivacy.

On October 31st, 2020, when the new cookie regulations were launched, we started to measure the impact of this regulation on our customer’s marketing campaigns. In the beginning, the effect was minimal.

But all changed the day I had to explain to my 9-year-old son why he should accept or reject cookies; I saw clearly that we need to protect his/our privacy as internet citizens.

He asked me why he always found a frame asking to accept or reject something. As a Marketing attribution specialist, I quickly answered that he could accept cookies. But after a few minutes, I decided I was probably wrong. As you can imagine, cookies are not the problem; the problem is how companies and professionals work with the information we share with them.

A couple of days later, I shared my thoughts with the team, and together we decided to take our first steps toward creating a technology that is useful for companies and respects user privacy.

  • We need to protect the privacy of our users.
  • We need to protect the privacy of our company.
  • We need to create a profitable business.
  • We need to keep working on our marketing campaigns.
  • We need to protect our “online freedom.”
  • That is why we developed SEAL Privacy-first analytics for Marketers.

Open letter from SEAL’s founder

“Dad, should I accept cookies?”

That question changed my life. My knee jerk reaction with my 20+ years in the analytics space managing over €50M in ad budget was to say “yes!”. Then it hit me: I don’t want Big Techs profiling my son, which means GDPR compliance is insufficient. We asked ourselves bold questions: If we didn’t track people, what data could we get, and how useful would it be? That is how SEAL was born to be the Analytics solution that hundreds of Marketers use daily with peace of mind regarding data quality and visitor privacy.
We are proud to do our part toward a future that respects individuals. A world where Humans and Brands connect and thrive.

Rafael Jimenez

Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

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