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The Leading Consentless Analytics Platform

Track 100% of your traffic and conversions without annoying consent banner.

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Trusted by brands who care about privacy as much as you do.

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Eliminate the Cookie Consent Banner legally

Seamless Web Analytics without disturbing your visitors

Every piece of data a marketer needs for informed decision-making without disturbing your visitors

We supply comprehensive, targeted data essential for well-informed decision-making. It’s not just any data; it’s the precise information you need to strategize effectively and propel your business forward.

Privacy-First Web Analytics

Many analytics tools claim to prioritize privacy, but SealMetrics is unmatched in its commitment to user privacy. Our advanced tracking technology ensures this promise for a lifetime.

Marketers, You No Longer Need Consent to Do Your Job

SEALMetrics: The World’s First Tool Enabling You to Work with the Highest Standards of Privacy in Web Analytics. Now, Sync All Your REAL Business Conversions with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and More. Ensure Your Campaigns Are Always Learning from Accurate, Real, and Precise Data.

Like GA4

The same than GA4, only legal. All the Web Analytics You Need to Make Decisions While Respecting User Privacy. View 100% of Traffic, Conversions, and Revenue; all assigned by Channel, Campaign, or Term. With daily, weekly, or monthly Breakdowns. Plus, Create Your Own Sales Funnels.

Marketing Management Platform

Now, you can be confident that your digital marketing campaigns are correctly tracked.

Manage the Performance of All Your Campaigns with Accurate, Non-Sampled Data. How Can You Make Decisions When 20%, 30%, 60%… of Your Users Don’t Accept Cookies or Want to Be Tracked? Decision-Making Is Easier When You See the Complete Picture.

Sync Conversions to Ads Platforms. Avoid wasting money

You’re Wasting Money Every Day, and It’s Only Getting Worse as Your Algorithms Unlearn. They’re Generating Clicks and Audiences, but Failing to See the Expected Conversion Rates. The Issue? Algorithms Have Less Data to Analyze and Learn From. The Real Problem? You’re Paying for an Unsolvable Issue.

Sync All Your Events with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and More, While Respecting User Privacy. Keep Your Algorithms Learning and Optimizing for a Competitive Edge Over Your Rivals.


SEALmetrics is the golden standard in privacy-first web analytics.

Discover a SECURE and powerful EU-based analytics platform that takes data protection safeguards to a new level

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